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"nothing takes the flavor out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love"
Charlie Brown

You know, Raditya Dika have just launched his new book titled Marmut Merah Jambu (which is, frankly, a quite weird title)

To be honest, I'm not much into Indonesian comedy novels because the image of Indonesian modern literature doesn't attract me much since it has been been contaminated with sex jokes and cliché ending, which is mostly, happily ever after. But this book has been given good reviews and I personally followed the author himself on Twitter and BANG, I found myself sitting with a glass of milk and lots of snack while holding the book. At first, I expect this book not to fail to make me laugh, since everybody have been saying that this book is hilarious. Well, it fails. I cried. It was really out of my expectation, there are irony, comedy, honesty, and mostly, LOVE.

The book itself is very much different than the other, though his signature comedy style is still very much there. My personal favorite chapters were 'Pertemuan Terakhir Dengan Ina Mangunkusumo' and 'How I Meet You, Not Your Mother'
'Pertemuan Terakhir Dengan Ina Mangunkusumo' tells the story of him and an unrequited love. The quote above were quoted from this chapter, which is my favorite. He described briefly the little details which is very touching for a man to pay that much attention. I've heard lots and lots of love stories, for I am a book worm and a movie addict. But this is one of a story that give me that little quiver in my heart. This is the part where I cried. The irony is just unbearable, bitter and hurtful, even though sprinkled with a little comedy. I can feel his deep sadness upon his unrequited love. This chapter makes me cried, smiled and remember all at the same time. And for me, a story that makes me laugh and cried at the same time is much more than best.

'How I meet You, Not Your Mother' is actually a very very very sweet and witty way to describe the union of two humans. Once again, I'm touched by irony. What really embittered the story is that, the couple have broke up not long before the book is released. How he briefly told the readers about their relationship, makes me smile. I love how he spit things out without being afraid. He once said in this chapter that, 'For other people, they see me as a clown, but for you, I show you the human.'
Wow. I was a amazed. He showed the reader that beneath one self, is another true one self. Humor have been a mask used by lots of people. Expecting someone to be how they usually be is wrong. When you're getting serious, expect nothing. You'll be suprised by what you might get.

Oh well, this book is great in every way.



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