HEYHO!! Really in the mood for blogging. So, I got this recycling project for my Geography class and I decided to documented it. Gonna show you the step-by-step of the procedure. Quite tricky but it's cute and originally my idea. Take a peep!! ;)


1. 2 piece of old CD
2. rewrite-able used papers
3. 2 key chain rings (as the binder)
4. comic strips
4. glue
5. scissors
6. nail (to make a hole in the CD)

STEP 1: Heat up the nail to make 2 holes on top of the CD with the difference about 3-5cm between each.

STEP 2: Glued the comic strip to the surface of the CD. Then, cut it to trace a perfect circle.

Do the same steps to the other pair of the CD. There you have it, your notebook cover.

STEP 3: Prepare the rewrite-able used paper. What i mean was, the used paper with empty spaces where you can still pretty much write on it. I am using my used file paper here. Trace the CD around the paper and cut it.

P.S: for the paper, I don't traced it neatly to add the whole I-did-this-myself effect. hahaha!

STEP 4: Punch 2 holes with the same length as the CD, put everything together with the key chain ring. Enlarge the twirl on the key chain to make it easier to put through (optional)

STEP 5: DONE! Congratulations, you have made yourself a new Eco-friendly cute notebook. Be creative with the cover, you can put leather, chains, studs for some rock-glam look, or laces and sequins for romantic girly look. The concept is the same :)

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