Have no idea what to do. So I decided to review one of the most discussed TV series at the moment: GLEE

Glee tell us a story of a Spanish teacher, William Schuester (Matthew Morrison) who is directing a music club named Glee consist of unpopular kids with great talent but low confidence. The female lead singer, Rachel Berry (Lea Michelle) is a complicated Jewish young lady. She have great potential within her and she likes competition. While the male lead singer, Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith), a boyfriend of the Popular Cheerios Leader, Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron), is a Football captain in their school. Both Rachel and Finn had crush for each other but they didn't admit it. There's Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) too, the head coach of the Cheerios who are eager to crush the Glee club. What will happen next? you better catch them on Starworld Asia every Wednesday on 18:00pm WIB. The music, the twist, the cast, all worth to watch.

So, let's review the cast one by one:

1. William Schuester

The role is played by Matthew Morrison. He is a Spanish teacher with great voice, dance move and pretty face. He is married to Terry Schuester (Jessalyn Gilsig) but in the school, he is very close to Emma Pilsbury (Jayma Mays), a clean addict teacher who happen to have the same feelings to him.

2. Rachel Berry

Lea Michelle as the female lead singer in Glee club did a pretty good job. There's something about her look that is pretty attractive. She is very much into competition and has a good heart. The voice of her is just great. Every performance by her is great. Just to name some, No Air, Take a Bow, Defying Gravity and etc.

3. Corey Monteith

Playing the role of Finn Hudson, the captain of the school Football team, also the male lead singer of Glee club. Dating Quinn Fabray but also have a crush for Rachel. Cute and popular, totally a chick-magnet.

4. Jane Lynch

Starring in Glee as the coach of the school cheerleading squad, 'Cheerios', she is the type of woman who will do whatever it takes to win, including breaking up the Glee club because he dislikes Mr. Schuester and she thinks the Glee club is blocking her way. Jane plays her role very well, I even hate her so much!

Other Cast:

Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray)

Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel)

Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams)

Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones)

Mark Salling (Noah 'Puck' Puckerman)

Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang)

Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez)

Heather Morris (Brittany)

Dijon Talton (Matt Rutherford)

Harry Shum Jr. (Mike Chang)

That's all!! Be prepared for season two guys!!! :)

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Hey hey! Ok, first thing first. Awalnya g berencana bikin blog ini full English. Tapi, daripada bikin orang males dengan Grammar g yang masih ngaco, jadi mendingan tetep cinta Indo aja ya :)

LIBURANNN!! Loh, bukannya udah lewat? Iya udah lewat, tapi baru post sekarang. Basi sih, tapi pengen aja share cerita seru liburan g. G kemana? Hihi, BALI man!!! Mungkin biasa aja sih, tapi buat g memorable banget soalnya baru pertama kali pergi bareng temen2 sejauh ini. Walaupun ijinnya susah setengah mati dan ada beberapa masalah, tapi akhirnya jadi juga tuh k Bali berlima bareng Ellysia, Brigitta, Bernard dan Ronal.

Hari Pertama: Paginya kita masih ambil rapot ke sekolah terus langsung jalan ke Airport. Begitu sampe di Bali, kita dijemput sama pacar cici nya Ronal. Terus diajak makan di salah satu tempat di Bali yang dikenal dengan Seafoodnya. Yap, Jimbaran!

Iya, yang dipake Bernard itu SERAGAM SEKOLAH --'
Next, kita dianter ke Villa Bunga di Seminyak dan beres-beresin barang. Terus kita jalan kaki ke cafe deket villa buat ngomongin rencana besoknya

Dan hari-hari berikutnya diisi dengan jalan-jalan, makan, jalan-jalan, makan, jalan-jalan dan foto-foto.

Discovery Mall:

Pantai Kuta:

Pizza Eating Contest:

Day cruise by Quick Silver:

And this is what happened when you let a bunch of teenager live for a week.
1. messed up table

2. Improper place to brush your teeth

3. wrecked room

Seafood at Seminyak:

And finally, we're off back to Jakarta:

Wait, that's it? No, there's so much more moments that can't be capture in images. And not to forget the memories that comes with it. That was a very beautiful holiday with the best trip buddy. Can't wait for my next holiday trip :D

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