I Dreamed A Dream

AAAHHHHHHHH two weekends away from new semester!! This have been the MOST unproductive holiday I've ever had. I even haven't cleaned up my cupboard from last year's books and junks. My 30 days of holiday can be sum up to 4 words; sleep, eat, TV and Internet. Splendid.

Among all those 4 activities, I should say Internet gives me more happiness after food. I was doing my regular activities on Internet such us feeling fed up with Twitter's fail whale, bored on Facebook, blank on Looklet, blablabla you get my point. So I headed to Youtube and I saw that America's Got Talent is holding some sort of Youtube auditions. This immediately reminds me of Susan Boyle.

Well, in case you got locked in the bathroom for the entire year of 2009 or just like being the last one to know, I'm gonna refresh your memory. Susan Boyle is the runner up of Britain's Got Talent 2009, who stunned everybody with her performance. She was 47 when she went for audition and everybody were being cynical and under estimating her because of her look. But, BAM! she started singing and everybody change their mind.

I can't find the video to embed in here, so click here to watch the video.

These are the expression they made when she said she's 47, dreaming to be a professional singer as good as Eileen Page.

And.. Look how surprised they are. The expressions are priceless :)

Have you ever been under estimated? Some people are stuck in stereotypes and their own idealism, they can't see what's beneath the cover. Well, I'm gonna tell you something. When people lower their expectation on you because they don't think you'll make it, it's your time to shine. Surprised them, do something that they have never expected you can do. You'll enjoy every moment seeing their expression, just like in the video. Don't let people let you down for any reason, there is always something inside every each one of you. You might not have find out what you're best at, but you will. Do your best, you'll be surprised of what you can do.


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