omg haven't blog for a while. well i'd love to share an experience i'll never forget. my school held a talent show named Gandhi's got Talent (i go to Gandhi Ancol National School) and my team (Freedom) is doing a skit based on Set Me Free sung by Casting Crowns. and it turns out realllyyyyy great. we practice for about 1 week before the audition. though at the first time most of us were pessimistic and didn't get serious on the practice but we made it through the audition.

then, here's the real deal. we were somehow not interested in practicing anymore and we only rehearsed 3 days before the show. but Thank You Lord, He did accompany us. we manage on gaining back our spirit in this thing. then, some problems arise. the day before the show, we haven't got the hoodie for the devil master and no make up for the devils. some of my friends rush to the thrift market and bought some garments for me to make the hoodie. my mom and i have to work on it until 2 pm! then, i was not sure if the hoodie would fit on my friend and it really stress me out. luckily it fit him though it was not so comfortable. my friends also manage to get the make up for us.

on the show day, we were so excited about performing on the stage that has been greatly decorated. we rush on the make up and hair do. then, when it's time for us to perform, i have never felt so nervous before. one of my friend feels like she needs to throw up her lunch. but the show must go on. i'm so happy to have lots of supportive friends in the crowd. they scream out really loud and give their applause. i can never describe the feelings when i hear the crowd from the stage. then, after our performance, the crowd scream out FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM for several times. that was really awesome! after all performers are done, the MC gives some time for the judges. and guess what? we won the first place!!! all the efforts were nicely payed up. thankyou Lord for everything :)
here's our peformance. enjoy!

here's our member:

the black guys act as the devils while the one in soft brown vest is the human. the one beside the human act as Jesus. and we got some help for lighting from the grey shirt boy. while two man in the middle are our principal and vice-principal.

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