hey it's me blabbering again. i'm just gonna say something common yet important in our daily life. Doing What people Want Us To Do To Impress Them. let's be honest, we all have done it before, right? you try to look cool by doing what you're not supposed to do. like taking alcohol, drugs, etc.

recently, a have a slack with one of my best friend. she seems like acting bad just to look cool and pleased others. i'm not trying to be a goodie goodie here, but i was like, hey girl, get a life! it's pathetic to live based on other's opinion. i (and some of my friends) told her that it's not the right thing to do. she clearly exposed that she like doing bad things. not that i hate her or something but to be honest, i didn't see her as my best friend like how it use to be. but luckily she realized her mistake and try not to do it again. case closed.

leaving the solved problem behind, i wonder. is this what happened when we hang with the wrong circle? i'm not saying that my friend's friends are bad. but we have to admit sometimes we act by the environment. when you hang with good people, you'll act good and calm. but when we hang with bad people, we let out our wild side sometimes a little bit too much. i also love to have fun and it's important to give ourselves a break. but my point is, you have to know what's wrong and right. don't let others control your life. ignore them when they challenge you to do something you know that is bad. it's all for your own good. LOVE YOURSELF, PEOPLE!


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