Hello people, I'm posting again. I know I'm not a good blogger, it's been ages since my last post. But things were easier said in my Twitter though 140 characters is never enough. Ah, I'm losing my point here.


Everybody hates goodbyes. Especially when you live your hello to the happiest, with the beloved ones. But every hello ends with goodbye and that is one thing for sure. I have successfully passed 11 grade, where tons of memories are made in that particular class. There are good and bad, sad and smiles, sorrow and merry laughter, friendship and problems but things could never be any spicier without it. Frankly, my class was not the best of all 6 classes, but everything in it manage to sit in my heart labelled with the sweetest memories.

I wish I could state everything that had happened in my class but one year of fun stuff can't be told even in the most complicated vocabulary. I remember the days when the teacher didn't came in to class and we gather round to form a circle and talk about stuff, many many stuff. The times when we went to places in the name of school task can never any funner. Our trip, though were not nicely planned, ended up good. But anywhere is good with the right guys. We set up birthday surprises for each other, cakes, candles and pictures are always involved, and we mostly ended up making a big mess in the class.

A wise once said "There are always two side of a coin" and that's true. When there's good, there's bad too. I honestly would say my class have problems and conflicts. My class was kinda divided into two parts, the front group and the back group. Yes, I believe you can pretty well guessed that the back group are stamped with the label 'troublemaker' and that was a bit true. I kind of belong to the back group because we were slowly formed by our seat position, but all of the good things happened above were experienced with those people. I won't state the conflicts that happened inside but there are troubles.

I'm going to 12th grade in a few weeks, which means a new class, new people, new experience and new hello. Some of my friends are going to study overseas and two of them are my best-est and another two is going for early college. Another hurtful goodbye to be said. But mark my words, I don't care if time and space separate us because there is no time long enough and distance far enough to break the fact that true friendship last forever. I know that was freakin' cliché and you might think I stolen it from some saying cards, but no. That's pure original, FYI. Okay, that's it. I ran out of things to say.

I can still remember our hello. Can't believe it's time for Goodbye...

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