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Another post after so long!! Never been a good blogger, at all, I have to admit. I honestly would say that I'm a lazy ass. Didn't really save some time just to write things that happened recently with some few words, just to keep things up, you know. But things were easier said in my Twitter.

So, here I am. Sitting with a stomachache I've been having since yesterday due to my period. You have no idea how much I suffer yesterday, having to climb up the stairs to my class with this torture in my belly.

I'm losing my point.

Since there are only four of my best friends left in school, our bond became stronger. One of our favorite thing to do is to have a night out together and try new places to eat. We recently visited Jackrabbit, this new restaurant that was opened recently but got a pretty big hit and it's quite famous now. We thought, why not try it out and we can be snob that we've tried it before most of our other friends. Muahahahaha!! (This is an evil laugh)

Took a lot of photos and I thought of sharing it here. Sneak in a bit consumer's review, too :)

me and my girls

Nowm be prepared for the drools

Review: The place itself wasn't bad at all. The atmosphere was perfect. Met a lot of familiar people and socialites. But I'd say the food was just average, nothing special at all. didn't order any desserts but the waitress did recommend us the Melt Chocolate Cake. My personal favorite was the Fish and Chips in the last photo (sorry, didn't rotate it). The pasta was very average, the fish we ordered came up with some sort of odd-tasting pickles. Overall, I would say:


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