This is beyond sanity.

I think I have lost my mind, friends. In case you didn't follow me on Twitter, you might not know the fact that I'm heels over head for Bruno Mars. I tweeted him for almost everyday and there's not a day I spent without listening to his music. I think he is just pure talent and awesomeness in one pack.

When I first listened to his songs, I thought he was great but I didn't really pay attention about it. It was about less than one month ago that one of the most popular concert promotor announced that Bruno Mars is going to perform in Indonesia on 5th of April. I went crazy about it because I thought he was worth-watching and the ticket itself weren't so pricey. I decided to watch his videos on youtube and I FELL IN LOVE!! He was so talented and he have such an adorable personality. Two of my friends and I agreed to buy the ticket, but unfortunately the day the ticket went on sale clashed with the Chinese New Year, which is impossible for us to skip because it is an important day. I was a little sad but I think about buying the tickets from other person who had queue for it, though it cost us much more than the original price. Went through a lot of trouble and we are so close to giving up. But God is good, He eventually let us met a person who wants to sell the tickets with the budget we have set.

I can't wait till 5th of April and I'm praying hard nothing would happen, because I'd be heart-crushed if the concert was cancelled.

I really think it is hard not to fall for him. Every words that came out of his mouth makes whimsical magic and he plays a lot of instrument too. Not to mention how great he praise women with his songs.

This video below is one of my favorite and it's actually where I fell in love for this man. He remixed the famously know song 'Nothing On You' and it turned out really good.

One more thing. I was so in love with this man, I even decided to buy his album because I just felt that falling so hard for a musician and not buying his original album is just wrong. Though I've downloaded the whole album (illegally, from the internet) I still think his album is worth-buying.

He's so addictive like a drug. What I love the most from him, aside his voice is, how he flirt with ladies and make them (and me) go all crazy and scream our heart out loud like fan-girls. It is so impossible for me not to fall in love over and over every time I watch his videos or hear his incredibly awesome voice!!!

Damn it.

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